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General search tips:

Do not use punctuation for the any of the words or all of the words searches. Only use punctuation when using exact phrase searches. If you want to include punctuation in your exact phrase search, you should include the entire phrase within quotes (""). For example: use "AS/400"  not AS/400 or use "Cold Fusion"  not Cold Fusion.

Use any keyword, phrase or acronym. Search locations by entering area or zip codes, state abbreviations such as "IL", or city names like "Austin" in the any of the words search. Search by skills such as programming languages or operating systems, or general titles like "developer" "manager". You can also indicate pay rates such as "60k" "$25/hr", etc...

Be sure to use double quotes around the entire job title in the exact phrase search. Examples of specific job types would include "Database Administrator" "Web Developer" "Business Analyst" "Project Manager" "Technical Writer" "Software Engineer" "Systems Administrator"

Selecting the all of the words option means that your search will only return results which contain each and every word in your query. Selecting any of the words means that your search will return results which contain at least one of your search keywords.

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